Recent Posts

  • Deploying an Azure Container Instance

    Going over the steps to get your Docker container deployed to Azure

  • Dockerize Your Node.js Web App

    Learn how to use Docker to create a container for your Node.js web app

  • Code Less, Do More Using Azure Logic Apps

    Create entire applications with connector workflows and minimal code.

  • Let's Learn Dependency Injection

    How can you decouple clients and their dependent services in your code? Dependency Injection is the solution

  • A Discussion on Singletons

    Should we be using this pattern? The answer is... maybe.

  • Properly Using Git Flow With Your Team

    Learn how to collaborate the right way with others using Git and GitHub

  • Code Scaffolding with ASP.NET Core

    Scaffold code properly using the .NET Core code generator CLI tool.

  • Consuming an Azure ML Web Service using Node.js

    Learn how to use an Azure ML Predictive Web Service in your Node.js application.

  • Predict the Future Using Azure Machine Learning

    Learn how to create a stock price prediction model using AzureML and the AlphaVantage API

  • JavaScript Stuff #2 - Promises

    Going over how to use JavaScript Promises to improve your asynchronous code.

  • Using CosmosDB with .NET Core

    We'll go over using CosmosDB to store and retrieve data in your .NET Core web app.

  • Introduction to Azure IoT Edge

    Discover how Azure can bring your IoT projects to the cloud

  • Using TypeScript with Electron

    Going over how to make use of TypeScript in an Electron desktop application.

  • JavaScript Stuff #1 - Immediately Invoked Function Expressions

    This is part one of a series I'm doing with shorter posts that focus on interesting JavaScript idiosyncrasies.

  • Hosting an Azure Web App

    Notes on hosting your Web App in Azure that will grant you better insight into your applications performance.

  • Building Your Blog with Node.js

    Learn the ins and outs of creating your Node blog from scratch and hosting on Azure.

  • Where will the Microsoft Student Partner program take you?

    This is a reupload of an older blog post from while I was in university. Original date is September 3rd, 2015.